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Donations allow the maintenance of the server, each donation helps keep it online,
donations are not refundable since their use is not for profit.
For each dollar you will receive 1000 donation coins (Festival Adena),
this coin can be used in the community menu in the donation area,
there you can buy some rewards for your collaboration.
Once the donation has been made, you must send the deposit receipt plus some information
that is requested to be able to send the coins to the inventory of each character.
Once the receipt is confirmed with the deposit, the coins will be sent via the online mail system.

The delivery time of the coins is done within the following 12 hours,
this may take less since it is only a tentative schedule.

Send us your information and the receipt through the following menu. (the data is obligatory)
Special Membership Pack
Noble + Premium Account + Enchanted Buff + 3 Festival Cloacks + 2 Accesories

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