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Server Rates

Exp & Sp = Lvl Area
Adena = Farm Area
Elements = Farm Area
Augments = Farm Area
Spoil = x10
Buff Time 90 Min.

Premium Rates

Exp & Sp = Double
Adena = Double
Drops Items = 10
Buff Time = 5 hrs.

Enchant Rates

Safe = +4
Scroll Enchant = 50% Max+10
Blessed Scroll = 70% Max+10
Ancient Scroll = 100% Max+10
Divine Scroll = 100% Max+12
Element Stone = 50% Max+7
Element Crystal = 40% Max+7

LvL Area

2 Exclusives LvL Areas
2 Special Farm Areas
Custom Drops Boss
Npc Shop Dynasty

Automatic Accounts.
Full Community Services.
Specials Npcs in all Town.
Siegues every 15 days.
Heroes every 15 days (1-16).
PvP Color System.
PvP Rewards
Events every 2 hrs.
TvT - Deathmatch.
Vote Rewards.
Atributes PvP Weapons
Enchants Hero Weapons.
Community Auction Working.
Exclusive Community Donator Shop.
Territory War every week.
Starting in Lvl Area
Starting Top No-Grade
Autoloot  Items = On.
Autoloot Raids = Off.
Epic Boss Custom Drops and Lvl.
RaidBoss and GrandBoss teleport by default system.
Auto learn Skills and Forgotten.
Bless Vitality Skill in all Class.

Npcs Services
Npc Shop
Master Ishuma
Services Manager
Class Master
Points Master
Noble Manager
Premium Manager
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